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Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

On Cesaro vs. Sheamus: I picked Cesaro to unseat Sheamus
for the United States Title and I was wrong. I think both men are currently
miscast. The paying customers want Cesaro to be a fan favorite while Sheamus is
a natural heel in my eyes. Nonetheless the bout was physical and I liked it as
it served as a good kickoff to the main show. Cesaro continuing to use the Giant
Swing is going to continue to facilitate him as a ‘face. Good sound bytes by
@HeymanHustle at ringside. Young managers should pay attention to Paul and learn
all that they can. There aren’t many “Heyman’s” around any more….which is a
great segue for your own bit of humor.

On The Daniel Bryan Segment: The Daniel Bryan/wife
Brie/Stephanie McMahon segment was excellent. Not too long and it had a
noticeable beginning, middle and definitive end to the segment. I feel that
there is good money in Brie, even though she ‘quit’ WWE vs. Stephanie down the
road, perhaps at Summer Slam. The slap equated to a nice, personal issue to me
and personal issues are tough to execute. By the way, Stephanie is a heel for
those who have taken exception to my hero vs. villain philosophy.

On Cena vs. Wyatt: Cena vs. Wyatts in Last Man Standing
was excellent booking especially getting the Usos and Harper/Rowan strategically
involved notwithstanding a creative finish. Creating compelling finishes in a
brutal match such as Last Man Standing in a PG world is challenging but the
ending worked Monday night. Arguably the match of the night. Congrats to all

On The Shield vs. Evolution: The 6 man elimination tag
match was stellar and put in ample time, was intense and had a surprising finish
with the Shield pitching the shutout. WWE has done a good job of developing
three potentially, outstanding fan favorites in Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns even
thought I see Ambrose as the best potential heel of the trio, Rollins as the
most underrated talent of the group and likely a great ‘face, and Reigns as the
next ‘it’ guy in the company.

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