Jim Ross Blogs: Rhodes/RAW, Punk/Heyman, Los Matadores


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on his official website, JRSBARBQ.com. Here are some highlights:

On WWE’s Rise Above Cancer: Bravo to WWE for working with the Susan Komen Foundation to find a cure for breast cancer. My wife lost her Mom to this disease earlier this year so this is a cause close to our hearts.

On The UFC & Jon Jones: UFC has some compelling main events the balance of the year. As things seem to be evolving, UFC also has some potential blockbusters in 2014 especially as it relates to Bones Jones.

On The Rhodes Family: Great example of less is more on Raw w/ Dusty Rhodes soundbyte promo. Perfect example if maximizing one’s minutes on TV. Dream is gifted plus his tag Tean w/ Dic Murdoch was one of the best duos ever. You Tube them.

On CM Punk & Paul Heyman: Thought both CM Punk and Paul Heyman stole the show on Raw Monday night. What they did/said overshadowed everyone else on the final Raw before Sunday’s PPV.

On The Los Matadores RAW Debut: Looks as if the new duo of Los Matadores and their mascot El Torito might make a nice, kid’s attraction w/ ample merchandise ideas. TBD.

On Trish Stratus’ New Baby Boy: Congrats to one of my all time favorite people Trish Stratus & hubby Ron on the birth of their first child Monday night, a son named Maximus. Everyone’s happy and healthy.

If you’re interested, you can read the full blog by clicking here.

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