Jim Ross Blogs – Sami Zayn, UFC 165 & More


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Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry. Here are the highlights…

On working a weekend indy event: Had a great time Saturday in Fishkill, New York at their Wrestling Under the Stars event. Promoter Michael Lombardi does a wonderful job at his events. Great seeing Jerry Lawler, Charles Wright, Rikishi, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Matt Striker, John Morrison and many others. Scott looked great and has made legit, giant steps in getting healthier. I’m so proud of him. Scott’s son Cody Hall is an excellent, young prospect who’s being coached & mentored by his Dad. The young man has major potential. The event Saturday was my last, scheduled wrestling booking for 2013.

On Sami Zayn: Keep an eye on NXT talent Sami Zayn. He’s a keeper and likely will be on a WWE main roster this year or so I think. Great attitude and skill set. There are several excellent prospects in NXT. How they are introduced to the masses is a huge key.

On Broadcasting WWE events from Chicago: Loved broadcasting WWE events at Chicago’s All State Arena. So many memorable moments there for me. My WWE Hall of Fame induction announcement there in 2007 was a game changer for me personally and professionally. Hope WWE has a strong show Monday night. The main, corporate storyline puts many talents potentially in a position to maximize their minutes. Hopefully, they realize that.

On Saturday’s UFC 165 event: The Jon Jones- Andrew Gustafsson main event at UFC165 was an amazing fight to say the least. A physical and mental war that tested both athletes in every way and built to an automatic, organic, big money, rematch. I had Jones winning but arguably the fight could have gone either way. Jones is developing the Floyd Mayweather syndrome in that some fans buy his fights to see Bones lose. Muhammad Ali had the same affect on some fans early in his career.

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