Jim Ross Blogs: Sandusky Verdict, New NXT, Bells Palsy


Jim Ross posted his most recent blog last night. Here are a couple highlights:

On Jerry Sandusky: “Jerry Sandusky found guilty Friday night for heinous crimes against young boys will see the long time, former coach at Penn State behind bars for the ret of his natural life. I’m thinking that Satan has a place in Hell reserved for the troubled, soulless man. The civil lawsuits from this series of tragedies will cost PSU millions not to mention the PR scars that will take years to heal. The lawyers may end up with bigger paydays than the victims. That’s another tragedy. Sad days in Happy Valley.”

On the new NXT: “I got tons of tweets this week from fans who enjoyed the new, NXT. I worked on all of the first four broadcasts and appear in the main event segments in the next round of four shows. Partnering with William Regal was an enjoyable experience as we tried to make the show about the talents by using objectivity and honesty and not being the “Battling Bickerson’s.” The job of every broadcaster in this genre is to enhance and better represent the talents in ways in which the viewer will emotionally invest and not roll their eyes in absurd disbelief.”

On people who criticize him regarding his Bells palsy: “Amazing how some jerk-offs on Twitter are either making fun of me for having Bells palsy or blaming me for what appears regarding it on TV. If it doesn’t bother me at this point in time in my life then why should it bother others? I have long since stepped away from my issues with Bells and refuse to allow it to dictate any phase of my life to me. It will not define me. When I’m told to “grow a set” I’d suggest to those tools that I grew “a set” long ago specifically when I walked to the ring to broadcast a Wrestlemania main event with half my face hanging and I had to hold it up to speak to where I could be understood. I can only surmise that those making these cowardly remarks are younger, defiant males and if that assumption is true I am truly worried about the future with those individuals as potential leaders in our world. However, perhaps I shouldn’t be worried as people like this are rarely successful or viable contributors in any society. My life is too blessed to worry about what turds say on Twitter about me or what occurs on a satirical skit in an entertainment based, TV show. Lighten up, Francis!”

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