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On Sting’s 7-14-14 Tweet: “Lots of @Sting
speculation as to what 7-14-14 means but to spill the beans, if I knew, would be
to spoil a cool surprise. Needless to say, I’d suggest, without leading anyone
astray, that watching RAW Monday night would be judicious.”

Daniel Bryan’s Status:
“Not sure what to believe or not to believe
regarding the physical status of Daniel Bryan but most of what I’m reading isn’t
positive. Often times a surgery will reveal other issues and it seems that may
have been the case here. The bottom line to this entire matter is to get Bryan
healthy and, above all else, not to rush him back into the ring. I feel
confident that WWE would never allow this to occur but certainly in the
territory days of years gone by promoters would want the talents to get back in
the ring ASAP. Plus, the talents themselves would push the envelope because most
of them did not have guaranteed contracts and if they did not work they did not
get paid notwithstanding they paid their own medical bills. Times have changed
much for the better in those areas.”

On How Bryan’s Absence
Affects Roman Reigns:
“With Bryan out TFN, it’s also imperative that
WWE be cautious in how they market, promote and build Roman Reigns. Overexposure
can result in a backlash neither of which the WWE or Reigns needs at this point
in his development. Does Roman Reigns or any other WWE talent need to be on
virtually every TV show that is produced such as RAW and Smackdown? Absolutely,

On Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love: “Wanted to
mention last week that I really enjoyed the @GailKimITSME vs. Angela Love match
last Thursday on @ImpactWrestlilng on @SpikeTV. The ladies worked hard, I knew
who the villain and the heroine were, and they had the time to tell a viable
story. This stuff isn’t rocket science folks. However, we seem to be living in
an age where pro wrestling is more ‘over thought’ these days than ever before
and we can all see the results of that mindset.”

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