Jim Ross Blogs: The Rock’s Opponent, Kane/’Taker, Divas


Jim Ross has posted a new blog at JRSBARBQ.com. Check out the highlights:

On the differences between companies: Leadership, resources, infrastructure, networks, upper management.

On “The Brothers Of Destruction” on RAW: Enjoyed the nostalgia…likely a one off deal I’m guessing.

On the current WWE product: I’d personally enjoy seeing more athletic skills featured, more physicality and drama.

On Mae Young’s son becoming WWE Champion?: About as good as your’s or mine…highly unlikely.

On the hardest match to call: Royal Rumble was the most challenging bout to call or a cold bout between two guys phoning it in.

On his favorite WWE Diva: Actually several that I like specifically the ones w/ solid, in ring skills.

Who he wants to see The Rock face at the Royal Rumble: CM Punk.

Should MMA be an Olympic sport?: Personally, I’d love it.

On his dream match: Undertaker vs Lesnar for one. Rock vs HBK. Cena vs Austin. Rock vs Undertaker.

You can check out the full blog at JRSBARBQ.com.

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