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On Catching Up With Friends: Had fun
catching up w/ WWE recruiter extraordinaire Jerry Brisco, Terry Funk, JJ Dillon,
Brian Blair, Sergeant Slaughter and my old pal Dennis Brent who’s a great
historian, collector of some amazing wrestling memorabilia and who worked for
WCCW, MID SOUTH, UFW, WCW, and WWE. He and his wife Lynn were invaluable assets
to every organizations for which they were employed. I’m having lunch today w/
my old friend Marc Ratner who is now SVP of UFC. This is our CAC tradition. Marc
had been a friend since his days w/ the Nevada State Athletic Commission when
they sanctioned pro wrestling in the state.

On The
Even though I’d personally preferred that the Shield stayed
together a bit longer IE imploded at Summer Slam, the turn Monday night was well
executed. Heels, generally, need to be able to absorb a believable ass whipping
and bump with ease and Seth Rollins certainly fills the bill. Plus, Rollins can
talk well but, for some reason, I expect other shoes to drop in and around this
matter before Summer Slam.

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