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Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry. Here are the highlights…

On Commercial Breaks During RAW: Any way one slices it…or smokes it…see what I did there…BBQ reference…watching any program for three hours that has 15 commercial breaks is challenging for those of us who have short a…uh….. ………….attention span. RAW had its moments from Manchester but 15 commercial breaks is a major issue unless the content has 16 segments of red hot content which is impossible to create. Trust me, it is impossible to produce 16 really good to great segments of TV wrestling in todays market with today’s talents performing under today’s rules of engagement.

On The Closing Segment on RAW: The closing segment of the show was compelling in my eyes. Several new ‘players’ got to make it to the magical last segment of Raw, which has served many of the biggest manes in the business well. So, I liked that some new bodies were involved in what is generally perceived as the money segment of the broadcast. Now let’s see who takes the ball and does more than they are asked to do and pushes and shoves to the front of the line.

On Punk, Bryan, The Shield & The Wyatts: CM Punk and Daniel Bryan…who, seemingly, have figuratively invited themselves to the WWE ‘prom’ and then became unlikely prom kings in the process made me care more about the Shield. That’s what pros do. I hope the Shield realizes, and I’m sure that they do, what transpired with Punk and Daniel Bryan Monday night. Good stuff. Have said all along that the Wyatt Family vs The Shield are lighting in a bottle and I’m hoping that there might be a significant match between the two entities at WM30. There are 6 men involved in the Wyatt-Shield business and at least one or two need to separate from their peers and elevate up the cards. Who will it be? These guys have been polished up in the WWE Performance Center and are being heavily counted on to be main event level stars much sooner than later. So, the final segment of RAW helped several talents, asked more questions than it provided answers and seemingly awakened the crowd in Manchester. Hopefully the enhanced and inspired exposure that these talents received will help make the Survivor Series more sellable.

On The Authority Figures: The ‘Authority Figure’ storyline Monday night was like driving on a busy street. I’m not sure what lane to pay attention to or exactly where I’m supposed to park. It’s as if one authority figure is good so why don’t we just have three?

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