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Jim Ross updated his blog on JRSBARBQ.com. Below are some

Ross on who WWE should invest in: “WWE is smart to invest
in educated, athletic, young people with big personalities who, hopefully, grew
up watching some TV Wrestling. Brock [Lesnar] was not a pro wrestling fan when
he signed with WWE but he burned through the pro wrestling drills in OVW like
the beast that he is and was as natural as anyone we ever signed.”

Ross on feedback of the WWE Network: “Amazing feedback
from fans of the WWE Network who thought I spent my entire career broadcasting
in WWE. They did not realize that at I spent 19 years in the biz before I made
it to WWE. Some overnight sensation, right?”

Ross on the upcoming Andre the Giant battle royal:
“Speaking of WM, I’m not answering any questions regarding who is going to win
the Andre the Giant 30 Man Battle Royal because I’m not even sure who’s in it.
The irony of this attraction is that many participants wouldn’t have been on the
card if not for this match but they will be some of the same individuals who
complain about their pay offs.”

You can read Jim’s full blog by clicking here.

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