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NewsJim Ross Blogs - Tonight's RAW, HHH vs. Axel, & More

Jim Ross Blogs – Tonight’s RAW, HHH vs. Axel, & More



Jim Ross’ latest blog is online. Check out the highlights:

On tonight’s WWE RAW: “It would seem that tonight’s three hour, live Monday Night Raw broadcast will start out hot considering the stiffer than usual competition on cable TV specifically the NBA Playoffs Game 7. I’m curious to see what is first out of the gate so to speak on RAW and how it spreads through the three hours.”

On his top pro wrestling “draft picks”: “If I had five draft picks in today’s marketplace to take to start a wrestling territory, Daniel Bryan would be one of them. For the record. the last that that I want to be is a wrestling promoter followed closely by a storm chaser. Speaking of top 5 draft picks in my ‘imaginary’ territory, @CMPunk would be on that exclusive list too as the question remains will Punk appear on Raw tonight? I have no idea but I’d love to see Punk remain ‘mysteriously’ absent from TV until his music plays in Chicago at Payback when he faces Chris Jericho in a match that well could steal the PPV.”

On Curtis Axel vs. Triple H: “Curious to see what the follow up is regarding HHH and Curtis Axel as young Axel and his representative Paul Heyman have already, figuratively, notched their guns listing HHH as a victim. Winning via the form that occurred is technically a victory but pinning someone or making them submit provides a deeper notch in one’s ‘gun.’ With that said, I’m still a firm believer that Axel can and will become a main event player in WWE. The son of Mr. Perfect is not nearly as good as he is going to be and with Heyman in the third generation star’s ear bigger paydays lie ahead. It’s not going to happen over night which will automatically turn some fans off. Duh.”

If you’re interested, you can read the full blog by clicking here.

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