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Jim Ross Blogs On Tonight’s RAW, Sunday’s Royal Rumble, Total Divas


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted his latest blog online. You can check out some highlights below:

On tonight’s RAW:

“Huge opportunity to get folks more interested and motivated to watch the Royal Rumble this Sunday tonight on RAW. This is the ‘go home’ show for the WWE flagship broadcast and with both Lesnar and Goldberg both on the show one and has to wonder how their storyline will be enhanced before Sunday’s Rumble in the River City. No need for Goldberg and Lesnar to ‘touch’ tonight on RAW but they have to add another log onto the fire to the rivalry that will likely be the main event of Wrestlemania.”

On Royal Rumble PPV:

“This Rumble event is one of the best booked WWE events in a good while in my opinion. There should be some outstanding developments occurring Sunday night to continue to build and forward the planned, Wrestlemania storylines. There are really no reasons why this event Sunday should  not be a strong night of pro wrestling entertainment. Hopefully the talents will be of a an “I’m stealing the show” mindset. Goldberg is the 2-1 betting favorite as of today via the bookmakers who actually take bets on pro wrestling events.”

On Total Divas:

“Any one else wonder if ‘Total Divas” actually helps develop WWE talent’s TV personas? I recently watched multiple episodes of the scripted, reality show on the E network and the question crossed my mind. Just asking….but it should build the WWE’s talents and make them bigger stars. Perhaps that is being done.”

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