Jim Ross Blogs: WWE PG, Santino, Brown vs. Punk, Chamber


Jim Ross has his latest blog entry up at JRSBARBQ.com. Highlights are below.

On whether WWE’s PG rating hurts the product: Q…”Does a PG TV rating such as WWE utilizes adversely affect the quality of the product?” NO. The number of established, main event level talents who are embroiled in clearly constructed, personal issues has more of a bearing on a broadcast than the TV rating. TV14, in other words , doesn’t guarantee success.

On Santino Marella:Santino Marella seemed to be the standout at the end of the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match while watching from my La-Z-Boy. Santino is entertaining and has been around long enough that he has developed a following as evidenced by the reaction that he received from the live audience in Milwaukee. I’ll be anxious to see how Santino’s role on the PPV will be addressed on Smackdown. I still vividly remember calling Santino’s Intercontinental Title victory a few years ago in Milan, Italy that I promptly dubbed the ‘Milan Miracle.’ The post match celebration at the hotel was also memorable and it was a ‘miracle’ that I made my plane to London.”

CM Punk vs Chris Brown: “I’d suggest that would be a classic, Gorilla Monsoon reply of ‘HIGHLY UNLIKELY.’ Chris Brown couldn’t be melted and poured on the WWE Champion plus I’ve never heard of Brown physically engaging any male.”

On the RAW Chamber match: The Raw Chamber match kicking off the PPV surprised me and in a good way. I was anxious to see the presentation and didn’t have to wait long. Seems as if CM Punk and Chris Jericho still have unfinished business or so Jericho strongly feels. I hope that these two get to display their skills on the big stage.

Be sure to check out the full blog at http://www.JRSBARBQ.com/

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