Jim Ross Blogs: Y2J Incident, Punk/Bryan, & More


Jim Ross has posted a new blog, here are the highlights…

Chris Jericho’s Brazil Incident: “Bit of advice for those traveling outside their own borders…know the country of which you are traveling’s laws and customs. Take no risks that might be perceived as disrespect and certainly do not break any local laws. When in Rome….”

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan: “Any one that did not thoroughly enjoy Punk vs. Bryan last Sunday on PPV cannot be made happy as it relates to enjoying a wrestling match. Those who say that size primarily matters when evaluating main event talent are about a generation removed from reality.”

WWE’s “Top 25 Masters Of The Mic” List: “Obviously, any ‘list’ is partially designed to create controversy and this one certainly has. Steve Austin was ranked #1 and Captain Lou Albano was ranked #25 and in between there were many surprises. Many fans including @CMPunk felt that Roddy Piper should have been #1..Hot Rod was #2 … The best talkers, without fail, on the list were all from the generation of instinctual speakers who would select the appropriate bullet points and take it from there.”

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