Jim Ross Comments On Daniel Bryan’s Title Victory


Jim Ross recently spoke about Daniel Bryan’s World Title victory, here is what he had to say…

“Proud to see Daniel Bryan make it to the top of the card as the new, World Heavyweight Champion. Those that knock Bryan for his lack of size generally don’t understand athletics especially MMA. I like that Daniel Bryan breaks the old mold, by and large, and he provides something/someone new for which the fans to emotionally invest. Bryan will be an effective fan favorite and someday, down the road, will be an outstanding wrestling villain.

People of Bryan’s character and dedication always were attractive to me when I was hiring talent. It is senseless to bring ‘problem children’ into a locker room especially a locker room that is somewhat young and impressionable. If Daniel Bryan is able to display his considerable skills in longer than average, TV bouts I feel that he will captivate the underdog supportive fan base many who know that Daniel has paid his dues time and again. Hopefully that story will be told in a more objective fashion on television.”

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