Jim Ross Confirms Rumors That WWE May Tape SmackDown After RAW & Move It To Thursdays


Jim Ross has posted a new blog
, and in that blog posted the following
about a potential change in the way WWE tapes TV…

Someone with WWE told me that WWE was considering going
back to the Super Show TV Taping concept where they do RAW live on Monday night
and also tape Smackdown the same evening. That’s a load of work….more than a
load….but it would save WWE tons of money by eliminating the Tuesday Tapings.
Time will tell if this cost cutting move will actually happen but it’s a giant
undertaking nonetheless.

If it does occur then it might be a timely move to split the
announce teams on the two shows so that the announcers can all prepare for one
show plus it would make the shows sound differently as they all sound pretty
much the same including the PPV’s. @MichaelCole is carrying amazing work load
and it’s inevitable that this much over exposure will burn him out sooner than
later. WWE can ill afford for that to occur. I’ve said it before, few people at
TV work harder than Cole who runs the show at the announce desk during the
busiest and most unique time for a broadcaster ever in WWE with so many masters
to serve and to promote while the matches are on going.

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