​Jim Ross Discusses The WWE Brand Extension & Split, WWE Using “Free Agents”, & More


On the latest edition of his Ross Report podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross discussed the WWE Draft and keeping it “pure”, the use of free agents and more.

On structuring the WWE brand extension & split: “If you are going to have true brand separation, then one brand doesn’t exist to the other except in a very structured and promoted manner.” Ross added, “I’d like to see the brands separated and stay clean, stay pure. And I really think that’s important.”

On WWE creating internal competition: “I really like the mindset, whether it ever happens or not, to where the writing groups are competitive enough. I would set up a thing where I would look at the ratings and whatever writing team was adding the most audience, some fair way of measuring growth – keyword growth – and the team that could incur the most growth on their particular show would win some cash incentives. All legal and above board, obviously, but bonuses and the more cheese they get on their Whopper, the better their show does. I would create some competition and if it creates some better ratings, then, it’s a good idea and also put some cash in some deserving people’s pockets, so that’s one idea.”

On keeping the WWE brand split “pure”: I’m really thinking that that’s how I’d like to see it structured, absolutely pure as snow and no crossover. And that way, if you could be disciplined enough in your booking and your creative, then when you finally integrate, it’s a big thing, it’s really a big thing. And slow the process down for God’s sakes.”

On the use of “free agents”: “I think there’ll be some good guys come up too, some key additions from NXT onto the two main rosters, but I also think that some of the guys that WWE is allegedly talking to about returning to work, some of the, as I’ve heard them described, ’40+ year old former Superstars’, those guys are perfect to go on NXT tours of 1,500 to 2,000 seat venues and they could work with green guys who need to learn to work with an experienced guy who’ll slow down and tell a bit of a story, so the audience can process what they see in a smaller venue of these NXT arenas or venues are typically promoted. So that’s how I’d look at those guys. If you’ve got somebody that you need to give a good win to somebody on TV or something, I get that and I understand that, but their duration of their time, unless they sign a one-year deal, most of that year might be in NXT on the road, using their name identity to sell tickets.”

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