Jim Ross Discusses WWE Never Turning John Cena Heel


Jim Ross talked about WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta, Georgia and the feud between The Rock and John Cena around this time during the most recent episode of Grilling JR

He talked about Vince McMahon refusing to ever turn John Cena into a heel. Here is what he had to say: 

“The thing that’s always been funny to me is that Cena never turned heel,” Ross said. “There’s where my brain fart starts. Why didn’t we do that? Why was that not done? I’ve heard John didn’t want to be a heel, I don’t really believe that one. I just think that Vince felt like he was such a pristine baby face but if you listen to the audience, there was a long time there where he wasn’t a pristine baby face.”

“It was timely,” JR said. “The audience more often than not will tell you what they want to buy, they will tell you what aisle to go down with your shopping cart and tell you what is in your cart to take home, you just listen, listen to their reactions. I was always amazed that Cena got booed so much.

“Cena getting booed was a lot like Roman Reigns getting booed whenever he was just getting rolling, and now there’s a reason to boo Roman Reigns because thanks to Paul Heyman he’s become a significant antihero. He’s a heel, and he’s a damn good one. The Cena thing, I never quite understood why we didn’t pull the trigger on that deal.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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