Jim Ross Doesn’t Think Everything Was Jim Herd’s Fault In WCW


This week on Jim Ross’ podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer talked about Clash of Champions XIII, which took place during the era of Jim Herd being the WCW President. 

Over the years, Herd has been spoken about negatively by wrestlers, but Ross doesn’t think everything during this time was the fault of Herd. 

“WCW had a common theme in 1990. They had a lack of infrastructure. They had a lack of direction. That wasn’t just from Jim Herd. He will get the blame for so much s**t that he should not get the blame for quite frankly. Ole (Anderson) was the booker in this era. There was a rumor of Dusty coming back. The bottom line is it was just a cluster and it wasn’t a good time to be there. It was challenging. It was just not a fun place to work whatsoever in that era. That was too bad because we had a lot of good talents but we had no direction. We didn’t have a good playbook. We didn’t have an offensive coordinator so to speak getting the team ready to win. All we were doing was getting TV on the air.”

H/T to WrestlingNews.co

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