Jim Ross Gives His Thoughts About Last Night’s Raw


Jim Ross updated his blog and gave his thoughts about last night’s Raw. Check it out below:

* The Bryan-Kane segment was a memorable start to the
program and plants a vivid seed for their match at Extreme Rules. I expect this
match to outperform many fan’s expectations.

Wondering if we will ever see any physicality down the road
from Brie and Stephanie. Seems like it’s there if WWE wants to go that route at
some point.

* Enjoyed the physicality of the Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett
match and felt that the Englishman was due. When Barrett learns to occasionally
retreat and to perfect the William Regal-like pro wrestling villain nuances
he’s going to be money.

* Somewhat of a convoluted conclusion for the Cesaro vs. RVD
match which seemed a half a step off and I’m a major fan of both talents. Fun
interaction between Heyman and Zeb.

Seems like Cesaro is becoming more of a fan favorite even if
he is with established villain @HeymanHustle or perhaps there’s merely lots of
gray being utilized creatively. Time will tell.

Heyman’s annoying, incessant promos regarding Brock Lesnar
ending Taker’s Streak are working.

* Unusual position to put the face of WWE, John Cena, in
with the fan vote and the fans voted the absolute worst case scenario and that
was for Cena to face all three members of the Wyatt Family. The 3 vs. 1
vote/mismatch did equate to some compelling TV and back in the TV14 days would
have likely seen Cena bloody. I am not endorsing the blood, but simply stating a
matter of fact as it relates to the “old days.”

I’m not clear as to why featured villain Bray Wyatt has the
audience singing along with him, especially a hymn, but I also don’t know the
creative plan for the talented, third generation performer. Nonetheless, I’m
interested in where the Wyatts are traveling.

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