Jim Ross Gives His WWE SummerSlam Predictions


Jim Ross has posted his latest blog, which includes his predictions for SummerSlam:

On John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan: “I’ve thought for a while that Daniel Bryan will win the WWE title at Summer Slam but now I’m not as convinced. However, I’ll dance with who ‘brung’ me. In non Okie talk, that means that I’m sticking with my original thought…Bryan wins. Where MITB winner Randy Orton, Referee HHH, the McMahon Family, injuries, etc fit on this ride is anyone’s guess. I’m curious as to all these potential scenarios that I’ll get to watch live inside the Staples Center from the 2K Sports suite.”

On CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar: “Thought the ending to RAW with CM Punk getting the upper hand on BROCK LESNAR (in Happy Heyman’s voice) and the Meyer Lansky of the WWE himself was compelling. I Tweeted a few days ago @JRsBBQ that I felt like this bout would be the most physical, one on one match in the WWE thus far this year. I am anxious to see how this match is competed stylistically. I’m still of the belief that it could end in a submission or a stoppage. I’m a Lesnar lean on this main event bout.”

Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian: “I think that ADR retains at Summer Slam vs. Christian in what is actually positioned to be able to impact Summer Slam very positively as many aren’t talking too much about the World Title Bout. Watch these two pros turn heads in the Staples Center.”

Bray Wyatt vs. Kane: “Big opportunity for Bray Wyatt to really turn it on Sunday vs. Kane. It’s truly ‘game day’ for the third generation athlete.”

On the kick off show: “Helluva deal for all fans being able to see the US Title bout for FREE during the pre game show featuring Dean Ambrose vs. RVD. This bout will get first crack at a fresh, packed house and should set the stage nicely for the rest of the show.”

Big Show’s return: “How great did Big Show look Monday night? I was impressed and know how diligently that he has been training and adjusting his diet. Bravo to the big guy who, when on a recruiting visit, enjoyed a home cooked meal in our then Connecticut home, broke a dining room tile (Dang, Italian tile, anyway :)) and we closed the deal over my wife’s homemade biscuits and a heaping helping of apple butter.”

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