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Jim Ross: “Jon Moxley is AEW’s Biggest Get Yet!”, Talks Commentary Team


During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross commented on the impact Jon Moxley has made on AEW so far, the current AEW commentary team, and more. You can check out some highlights below:

On how AEW’s three-man commentary booth has worked so far: “We have to continue to work hard to get better. We’re not nearly as good as we need to be, but that’s not a surprise, quite frankly. You know, we’re brand new. We did a show with no net in Vegas, first time ever … But we got work to do. We’re new, we’re green in that regard. We’re green together. Excalibur is a fantastic talent. I like his voice, he’s got great product knowledge, and he has passion in his heart. Alex Marvez, I’d love to see him in that Jay Glazer, NFL insider-type role. Alex is extremely intelligent — I work with two guys that are a lot smarter than me, fellas. We gotta have reps, and we have got to get better. Alex is rejoining us on Saturday night in Jacksonville, I look forward to that. But we’ve gotta continue to clarify and identify what our roles are within that three-man unit. And that’s just gonna take practice. And I’ve got every confidence in the world that when we go on television in October, that whomever is sitting at the desk is gonna be ready to prepare, and prepared to do a good job for the fans.”

On AEW signing Jon Moxley: “It is the biggest get yet for us, I think, because of the timeliness of him coming fresh off WWE television. I know he wasn’t always overwhelmed with his creative, but he got a lot of TV time, he has a lot of name identity. More importantly, he’s young, athletic and passionate. He seemingly comes to work with a chip on his shoulder. He’s perpetual motion at TV, he’s full of energy. He’s like they said on Talledega Nights: ‘I’m all jacked up on Diet Mt. Dew’ … So ah, he’s a big get, man. And his passion and his work ethic rubs off on the other guys.”

On the next few months being a learning experience for AEW’s younger talent: “We’ve got a very impressionable group of guys. They may have great reputations in the independent scene. They may have cult followings with a small smattering of fans here, there, and beyond because of their work in the indies. But they ain’t been to the big dance yet, and we’re gonna get them to the big dance in October when we go on TNT every week. Live television, prime time every week, in October. So hopefully we can help continue to mold, mentor, coach ’em up, be a good listener, give them some love and some positive attention, motivation. And by October, whoever sticks with the roster by then is gonna have a whole different perspective [and] can use their youth and their athleticism to actually learn to work a match that can keep people enthralled and entertained on an episodic weekly basis. It ain’t easy. I told these young guys, ‘You guys are having fun now, because you’re coming to TV every couple of weeks. You’re doing this easy job, easy gig, getting paid. Well pal, that’s changing. In October, you’re gonna be on the road every single week, and you’re gonna do a live television show every single week.’ That goes for me, the camera crew, everybody.”

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