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Jim Ross on Moxley vs Omega: I’ve Never Seen A Main Event Like That, They Should Be Congratulated’


Jim Ross recently spoke to Sports Illustrated about the very intense match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley at AEW Full Gear.

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Jim Ross talked about the match being a shining example of the in-ring spirit of All Elite Wrestling:

“I’ve never seen a main event like that. They should be congratulated. The effort they put forth was absolutely amazing.
“This match was a great indication of the in-ring spirit of AEW. We want to be about innovation and delivering a great effort. The match gave us stunts, it gave us wrestling, it gave us drama, it gave us uniqueness. This was about two guys that were given a chance to lay out their own game plan and execute their match, and that’s what they did.
“I loved that the Mox-Kenny match challenged me as a broadcaster. People kept telling me, ‘JR, this match isn’t for you.’ How do you know that? I wasn’t with ECW; that was Joey Styles’ gig. I never got to call a lot of the hardcore stuff.
“I don’t find it distasteful, I don’t find it bad. We’re supposed to have something for everybody, and AEW offers a variety of styles and presentations that fans are going to like. This is not a one-dimensional company.
“They challenged themselves as performers to create something, structured it a certain way, and kicked ass with it.”

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