Jim Ross On WWE SummerSlam, Styles vs. Cena, More


WWE Legend Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry on his website and here are the highlights.

On SummerSlam: This brings me to Summer Slam which was a five-hour journey of my TV time on Sunday. I watched just over five hours of WWE Sunday and for the record, I enjoyed the vast majority of it. However, the end of my marathon TV viewing was Summer Slam which could have had an impact on how I perceived the broadcast. As far as Summer Slam is concerned, the matches that I had the most, personal investment in happened to deliver to me. I was a bit confused as to the order of events as the night went along. It was not business as usual in that regard which doesn’t make it wrong. Curious as to why the match order was as it was and I’ll hopefully hear why in the future. Or at this point in time, does it really matter?

On AJ Styles vs. John Cena: Thought Cena vs. AJ was the match of the night, and AJ winning mildly surprised me, but it certainly was the right thing to do based on John’s outside WWE schedule and commitments. Happy that WWE made this call as AJ Styles is not only a top five in-ring talent in the world but he’s likely going to be the true face of Smackdown Live.

On Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton: Controversial conclusion to Summer Slam with Brock Lesnar winning against a bloody Randy Orton via referee’s stoppage which was officially a TKO. I had no issues with the finish, but it did feel strange following the US title’s no contest outcome. Makes me think that the last match was a hurried, ad lib but that’s my speculation. While the match lasted it was entertaining and is likely the last time that we will see Lesnar in WWE for a few months but that too is speculation. Orton received 10 staples to close the elbow strike-induced wound. No, it’s certainly not ballet, folks. And for those conspiracy theorists who think the wound was self-inflicted, please stop embarrassing yourself. Plus, I do not feel that Brock Lesnar went into business for himself as many “Oliver Stone’s” are speculating today.

You can read the entire blog here.

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