​Jim Ross Posts A New Blog On The Royal Rumble, AJ Styles’ WWE Debut & Braun Strowman


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry discussing the WWE Royal Rumble, AJ Styles’ WWE debut and more. Here are some highlights:

On the Royal Rumble: “Overall I enjoyed the Royal Rumble show from start to finish. I embraced the work ethic and the lack of count out and disqualification finishes. Creative is always subjective and perhaps even more in today’s marketplace than at any other time in the business thanks to social media. That being said, have no issue with WWE setting up a potential HHH vs.Roman Reigns WWE Title Bout at Wrestlemania Texas where I’d expect Reigns to get the ‘ultimate moment’ at the 32nd edition of the biggest event in the genre.”


On Braun Strowman: “If WWE can ‘protect’ Braun Strowman there might well be big money in him down the read. He needs lots of single match, ring time to help prepare him for bigger things the future. This is where WWE misses the territories as it would be so easy to send Strowman to a territory for a year to help him become more polished. Is now potentially the time to think of a Lesnar vs. Strowman match for the 2017 Wrestlemania?”

On AJ Styles’ debut: “AJ Styles had a terrific debut and made an memorable debut into the world of WWE. Styles is a money ball player and his future in WWE should be bright based on what WWE mgmt saw and heard Sunday night.”

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