Jim Ross Posts A New Blog On The WWE SummerSlam PPV, The SpikeTV/TNA Negotiations, More


Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here
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On Summerslam: Anxious to watch Summer Slam
from home this Sunday and hope that WWE doesn’t overbook the show to where some
matches are condensed in time to where they cannot tell a viable story. That
will depend solely on the decision to add various backstage skits, etc which are
fine in theory but they seem, throughout today’s business overall, to generally
run long. Wrestling fans, like everyone else, seemingly have short attention
spans so these ‘scenes’ are better telling me what time it is rather than how to
make the watch. I’ve thought all along that Brock Lesnar would defeat John Cena
for the WWE World Title in LA, which I still think is the right direction to go,
but something tells me that WWE may go ‘off speed’ and perhaps utilize Plan B.
Could Cena retain on Sunday and then lose to Lesnar on RAW on Monday? Lots of
possible scenarios but at the end of the day, in my view, John Cena is so ‘over’
that he doesn’t need the WWE Title. Now is a great time to commit to going
younger and Lesnar winning and passing the torch at WM31 facilitates that


On Kevin Steen to WWE: Happy for Kevin Steen to
be signed by WWE and he will report to NXT in late August from what I hear. I
hope that Steen’s WWE wrestling persona isn’t over thought or major league
reinvented as I feel that the Montreal native has a solid foundation, is a
great, natural brawler, and has mic skills. If WWE exposes Steen’s strengths,
they could have a success story on their hands. I am a fan of Steen’s work.

On The TNA TV Situation: I’m told from
optimistic sources that should know that the prospects are good for Impact
Wrestling to remain on cable TV after this current Spike Contract ends. I still
think that there’s a shot that Spike retains their wrestling product but time
will tell soon enough. Though this is purely speculation, I can’t see how Impact
can make it over the long haul simply providing content to international
entities. For the sake of all involved in Impact, I hope that things work out
for them in a positive manner. I like their roster whose strength is definitely
bell to bell physicality.

On His Fantasy Booking of Sting vs. Undertaker:
I’ve been getting amazing feedback on my fantasy booking idea, a Ross Report
element, of a double retirement match at WM31 between Sting vs. Undertaker where
both men, win, lose or draw, retire after the match. Has there ever been a
Double Retirement Match promoted on a grand stage such as WrestleMania? It’s a
new concept and is a dream match for many long, time fans and with WWE’s
library, younger fans can be brought up to speed on both talent’s personas.
Cutting to the chase, the older fans who have control of the purse strings are
the ones who will generally decide where the money is spend especially on a
$9.99 monthly tab which is a meaningful investment for many.

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