​Jim Ross Posts A New Blog Regarding A Change Needed For The Slammy Awards, Rollins/RAW


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross posted a new blog regarding the Slammy Awards, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and more. You can view soma highlights below:

On WrestleMania 33’s location: “Apparently, Minneapolis is no longer in the hunt for the 2017 WrestleMania as was once rumored. That has yet to be confirmed but that’s what I’m hearing.”

On Seth Rollins’ appearance: “Good seeing Seth Rollins back on TV and his presentation was well done. Rollins was also deserving of the Superstar of the Year Award which says a great deal about today’s audience that an alleged ‘heel’ won the award. Times, they are a changing.”

On Dean Ambrose and Sheamus main eventing RAW: “Mildly shocked that the live audience soiled the sheets as it relates to watching Ambrose vs. Sheamus in a Steel Cage Match. I felt bad for the talent. It seems like now days that whoever closes a three hour RAW are in a precarious position.

On the Slammy Awards: “I think that the Slammy concept needs to be tweaked as the multiple presentations made for way too many interruptions during the three hour show which made the broadcast more challenging to watch because it had a had a tough time building momentum. Perhaps lessening the number of awards being presented on Raw might be a consideration.”

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