Jim Ross Praises Daniel Bryan & This Week’s RAW


Credit: JRSBARBQ.com

Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, discussing RAW. Here are the highlights…

Lively audience. That always helps. When the announcers have to talk in golfing tones, that’s not always a good thing.

I vividly remember the King and I walking to our cars while talking to LeBron James when he was a rookie and a huge, WWE RAW fan. Cool memory.

No issues here regarding the controversy surrounding the WWE Title but I’m hopeful that the matter is resolved soon, as in two weeks or so, and that the quest to be WWE Champion continues sooner than later for whoever it may be.

To be WWE Champ should be every talent on the roster’s primary goal but for some reason I get the feeling that some guys are just happy to “have a jersey.”

The re-inventing of the Big Show continues in a good way. He’s relevant and fans are talking about him as they await Show’s next, big move…eruption.

Thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between WWE HOFer Dusty Rhodes and Stephanie McMahon. Most wrestlers are not great actors and being put in one’s natural environment and being allowed to be one’s self has a better chance of being successful than not. Good stuff here and I hope that there is more where that came from.

I tweeted @JRsBBQ and asked if anyone had seen the classic, Disney film ‘Old Yeller” during the KO of the Dream. Google it, kids.

Essential win of RVD over Damien Sandow who got to remind us after his loss that he was still a MITB winner which worked for me. Classic psychology 101…villian loses then reminds us of what ever he wants to stick in our mind. Great, wrestling villains have to have selective memory.

Miz should have called me but one should be reluctant to take their family to a WWE event if the event is in one’s hometown. Trust me on which I speak.

The Tag team scene in WWE isn’t ‘on fire’ but it has gotten so much better than it was just a few months ago. As a former administrator, I really like the Cesaro/Swagger combo among the other teams who are making positive strides ala the Prime Time Players and Usos.

Daniel Bryan, for my money today, is the best in ring performer in the business. He has organically connected with the audience and I can’t tell you how difficult that is to accomplish. Plus, there is no magic formula that any company can control in order to facilitate such.

1A would be CM Punk who has done the same thing since he arrived in WWE and earned his chance to live in Main Event land.

Punk/Heyman have a personal issue that still has plenty of traction and with Heyman adding Ryback to his group, that’s a new ingredient to the meal.

Good to see some of the WWE fan favorites “grow a set” Monday night as the broadcast went off the air. The fans received “hope” that something good was on the horizon and “hope” is a good thing. Now, next week there likely will be hell to pay for some and how the punishments are doled out might arguably be a crux of the show.

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