Jim Ross Praises The Punk-Rock Confrontation, Birthdays


Chris Masters turns 30 years old today.

— Rey Misterio Sr. (the uncle of WWE star Rey Mysterio) turns 55 years old today.

— Bull Nakano turns 45 years old today.

Bushwhacker Luke Williams turns 55 years old today.

— Jim Ross posted the following on Twitter last night regarding the CM Punk-Rock confrontation to close RAW…

“@CMPunk & @TheRock closing segment on #RAW was a fantastic conclusion to the broadcast for @WWE. Big money promo by both. Felt old school.”

@CMPunk is the best villain to practice his trade in @WWE in years. Could have been a star in any era. #RoyalRumble vs @TheRock =physicality

That’s what villains do, cheat to win/gain advantages.”@Stanleyalumona: @JRsBBQ that is if #WWE is ready to stop Punk from cheating to win.”

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