Jim Ross Praises The RAW Ending + Regal’s Comedy Show


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

— As noted earlier here on the website, it was announced on RAW this week that next week’s episode will be “RAW Country” with a country music theme. The episode airs from Nashville, Tennessee and the “vacationing” Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will return.

Stephen Lyons sent this one in: Just back from An Audience with William Regal comedy show here in Manchester, England. Very enjoyable show at the Frog & Bucket Comedy Club. Several hundred packed into the club, nearly all wrestling fans coming straight from the Raw taping. Show started at 11:30pm and ran until 1:40am. Several WWE guys were upstairs in the VIP area, most notably Daniel Bryan, whose voice we all heard asking Regal several questions. Show was mostly Regal telling anecdotes & answering fans questions. Regal is a master storyteller and has the facials and timing of any top professional comedian. The guy can have people in hysterics just be a glance, smirk and turn of the head. Show was great. He told several stories from his book and some new ones. He was very careful not to knock anyone or comment on anyone in developmental, citing it being unfair to place pressure on them. He told stories about his encounters in WCW, consoling Fred Ottman in the dressing room immediately after the Shockmaster debut, and recounting the whole story behind his infamous 6 minute match with Goldberg in WCW. He mentioned he took all the heat for that, as the agent who laid out the match would ‘fess up to his mistake to Bischoff. He talked about his encounters breaking into the business in Blackpool and his experiences alongside Big Daddy & Giant Haystacks. Regal was great, a very funny & humble man who knows his place in the business & doesn’t take himself too seriously. He passionately defended John Cena’s positioning & role in WWE and spoke highly of him as a man outside the ring, saying Cena has put money in his pocket for the last 10 years. If Regal ever does any of these shows again, I’d highly recommend seeing it. He was extremely entertaining. The company that organized the show originally had a Goldust one man show planned for March 2014, but Goldusts signing with WWE nixed that. It was announced that instead, there will be a one man DDP show instead in March, in the same venue.

— Jim Ross posted the following, regarding the final segment of last night’s RAW…

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