​Jim Ross Q&A – A Legends House Debut?, A DVD, & More


The following are highlights of a new Q&A update by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim

On his upcoming boxing announcing gig and possible UFC work in
the future:
“I have had no conversations with UFC about
broadcasting their fights and I’m a boxing fan too so the chance to do a boxing
card was an opportunity that I wanted to explore.”

On his “RINGSIDE” show in Toronto: “Very happy that
you enjoyed our Toronto show and thanks for attending.
Wrestling to me was never a job and when one has a vocation that they truly
enjoy they generally can do it forever.”

On if WWE will ever produce a Jim Ross documentary
“No…highly unlikely that will happen.”

On if he would accept an invitation to be part of a future season
of Legends House:
“I have no interest in being on Legends
House whatsoever. I don’t have six weeks to devote to the

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