​Jim Ross Q&A – A ‘Taker/Y2J Feud?, WWE Network, HOF


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On why Undertaker and Chris Jericho never had a
major feud:
“No reasons that I can think of other than merely timing
as I know that Jericho and Taker have great respect for the other.”

On whether the WWE Network would be affected if cable companies
charged a per-usage rate instead of flat fee for internet traffic:

“This question is intriguing but way beyond my level of interest or pay grade.
I’m certain that WWE has likely thought of every scenario that might occur with
their creation of the WWE Network. Lots of high paid people have been in the
loop so one would think that all bases have been covered.”

On working with Bob Caudle at the Great American Bash ’89:
“Bob Caudle was a great partner. Most underrated broadcaster that I ever worked
with in my career. How could a Flair vs. Funk match be bad if both were willing
to give of themselves to make the match great….and they did. Bob and I were
not over produced and allowed to use our skills and instincts to get the talent
over as best that we could. Hopefully, we succeeded. Thanks.”

On if an invite to WWE Hall of Fame would lead to the resolution of
issues between he and WWE:
“There’s nothing unresolved. My
relationship with WWE is exactly what we want it to be. I’m staying very busy
and doing something for WWE Network on an ongoing basis would be challenging.
They’ve moved on and so have I with no regrets.”

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