Jim Ross Q&A – HBK, RAW/SD, Power Struggles, More


The following are highlights from the latest online Q&A from the official website of WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On whether Backlash or Extreme Rules is a better follow-up to WrestleMania: “It all depends on the attractions….the talents invovled.”

On if anyone can match Shawn Michaels in his prime: “NXT will continue to make major contributions to the WWE primary roster over time. Some really good, potential stars there.”

On if RAW and SmackDown should go back to the elaborate stage set ups: “I haven’t given that much thought. Not big on my radar.”

On WWE switching talent from heel to face too often, specifically Alberto Del Rio: “Decision makes, due to the lack of main event depth, are constantly looking for the best roles for their top guys. ADR as a fan favorite was an experiment in my view but he’s a better villain.”

On which wrestling schools are the best: “Start with Lance Storm’s Academy in Calgary and take it from there.”

On if we’ll see the return of “The Stooges” Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco in the current HHH/Vince McMahon power struggle: “Highly unlikely.”

Check out more Jim Ross Q&A online at JRsBarBQ.com.

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