Jim Ross Q&A – Hogan/WWE, MVP/TNA, Network, Angle/WWE


The following are highlights from a new website Q&A update by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On Antonio Cesaro: “Cesaro is a star who’s underutilized and is a stalwart in the locker room. Fans like him out of respect for his in ring work. Flip a switch on him and it’s done.”

On Justin Gabriel: “Not sure why Justin Gabriel hasn’t made more of an impact. Something is missing from the equation.”

On the possibility of Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns headlining a future WrestleMania: “Sure, it’s possible. Time will tell. All must remain healthy and avoid issues.”

On whether or not Hulk Hogan has one match left in him: “If true, it’s a great idea but I don’t need to see Hulk attempt to wrestle.”

On MVP working in TNA: “He’s a positive, fresh face that should help TNA if they plan long term, utilize MVP’s skills and lessen Dixie’s presence on their show. ”

On the WWE Network: “I’m WAY out of the WWE Network loop. I’m not aware of how they will deal with the many issues that are likely to pop up for the start up. I’m hopeful that the Network is successful for many reasons even though some fans will find things wrong with it just because that’s their usual MO.”

On Kurt Angle returning to WWE: “Lots of things have to happen for Angle to return to WWE including extensive medical, etc testing. His in ring days are very limited.”

You can read Jim’s full Q&A by clicking here.

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