​Jim Ross Q&A – Lesnar Ending The Streak, UFC/WWE, More


Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section of his website. Check out
the highlights:

On whether WWE going to Saudi Arabia, where women aren’t
allowed at shows, is against their beliefs of diversification:
think that you are over thinking this matter. Of course it’s all about the
money. Whey was it not all about the money? Diversification has zero to do with
a country’s laws or customs.”

On how he would book Brock Lesnar after ending the
“Lesnar should become untouchable until he passes the
invisible torch at WM31 to the next big thing. I’d not beat Lesnar until WM31
and then only if it made sense and someone was ready to assume that role.”

On the toughest guys in the wrestling business:
“The list is endless….so many former NCAA Wrestling Champions along with some
legendary street fighters.”

On if UFC guys could transition to WWE: “It’s
certainly possible. It’s not an easy transition. More will fail than

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