​Jim Ross Q&A – Michael Cole Rumors, Bryan’s Injury, NAO/WWE


The following are highlights of a recent website Q&A update by WWE Hall
Of Famer Jim Ross:

On wrestlers winning with signature finishers and lack of
excitement from announcers:
“Not sure what the issue could be
regarding the signature finishing moves. It’s important to establish them. I’d
assume WWE announcers do exactly as they’re produced.”

On Sean Morley saying in a shoot interview with Michael Cole said
he thinks he’s better than JR:
“I think that you’re looking for
dirt and that I don’t have an interest in participating. I did not see nor and
likely won’t see any ‘shoot’ interviews. Why wouldn’t Cole have confidence in
his work? Thanks.”

On the worst match he’s ever seen: “I’m sure that
there were plenty but nothing comes to mind and if it did I wouldn’t want to
throw talents under the bus.”

On if he thought The New Age Outlaws would be a success at
“Well…they always had great chemistry and complimented
each other well. Thought they evolved into a helluva team.”

On Daniel Bryan’s neck injury and if WWE let him perform
“Long, drawn out question… I’m guessing that neither
WWE OR Daniel Bryan knew the severity of his neck injury during the timeline
that you speculate. It was a nerve matter as I understand it so it likely did
not come to a head until recently. WWE would not have allowed DB to perform with
a bad neck. Predicting one’s future injuries isn’t realistic.”

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