Jim Ross Comments on Jon Moxley Possibly Ending up in AEW


During a recent interview with ESPN 1530’s “No Holds Barred” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross commented on Jon “Dean Ambrose” Moxley possibly debuting with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Ross thinks it’s very possible (it is by the way!), which you can view below:

On why AEW shouldn’t compete with WWE: “I’m a big football guy, love football… all levels, all brands. But there’s no way in hell, as much as I’d like to see the XFL do really well… they’ll do well and they can make a lot of money, and never put a dent in the Nation Football League. So anybody who doesn’t like NFL, and thinks this new league is going to get after these guys and give us an alternative… we’ll watch them instead of the NFL… no you won’t. You’re going to watch the NFL if you’re a football fan. So I believe that’s were we are with this thing (AEW). No one is going to move the needle negatively, or positively for WWE. That’s their deal. We can’t affect change to their brand. Why would we waste any time on somebody else’s brand, when we got all we can say grace over building ours?”

On if Jon Moxley will join AEW: “I think it could happen for sure, and I think he’s a high priority for any company. Whether it be AEW, or WWE retaining him, or him going ROH or anywhere else. John’s a very talented kid. Where ever he’s going to go, he’s going to be a big player. John Moxley is a pro wrestling star, no matter the jersey that he’s wearing. I just hope somewhere down the road. If all the cards fall where they should, I’ll be calling his matches as well.”

(h/t – FightFul.com)

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