Jim Ross Reacts To The Batista-WWE Return Rumors, More


Jim Ross had updated the Q&A section of his website JRSBARBQ.com in which he answered if he thought Shawn Michaels would return to the ring, working with Paul Heyman, and the Batista/WWE rumors. Below are some highlights:

Ross on if Shawn Michaels should face The Rock if he wrestles again: “I simply don’t feel HBK is returning to the ring. I believe him when he says he’s done.”

His thoughts on if he thinks CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan for the world title would make a great WrestleMania 30 main event: “On the surface, yes, but it’s all about the presentation and the reason for them wrestling. It’s unlikely to occur but I have no idea of the WM30 card.”

Ross on his chemistry with Paul Heyman when they were announcing together: “It was awesome. Two complete opposites who were quickly able to refine our act. Paul’s very talented.”

Ross on the rumors about Batista returning to WWE: “If Batista returns he’s obviously main event bound. Wouldn’t surprise me.”

Ross on WWE’s use of Damien Sandow: “I can’t answer your question as I’m not involved with WWE Creative. However, I like Sandow’s persona. I think he’s getting ample TV time and it’s up to him to maximize his minutes, no matter if one thinks they are for better or for worse. That’s what pros do. If he steers the course, more often than not, he will come out the other side whole. Legit talents who persevere generally prevail.”

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