Jim Ross Reflects On “Live Sex Celebration” Segment On WWE Raw


Jim Ross discussed the feud between John Cena and Edge over the WWE Title in 2006 on a recent edition of Grilling JR

During the WWE Hall of Famer spoke about the infamous “live sex celebration” segment featuring Edge and Lita on Raw

“It wasn’t appropriately named. It denoted a little darkness. It certainly wasn’t family-friendly. If it had a different name, you could’ve basically done the same thing. But the live sex show indicates that somebody is gonna have sex on the air. You’re not going to the drive-in together and sit there and hold hands and eat popcorn. So, I think the connotation of what live sex show meant wasn’t real positive. But it was another remnant of the Attitude Era. To me, it was more appropriate for the Attitude Era, if it was appropriate at all. If you liked it, it was good TV. If you didn’t like it, it wasn’t good TV. It’s simply that simple.”

H/T to 411 Mania

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