Jim Ross Reveals the Main Reason he’s Leaving WWE, and More


During his appearance on ESPN’s Outside the Lines, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross commented on why he’s leaving WWE and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his reasons for leaving WWE: “I miss being around people. The main reason I’m leaving WWE is because they weren’t using me very much, and I feel like I’ve got some great years left. I needed to get out of the house, and I need to be involved. I need to be on the road, and I need to be around people.”

On dealing with the passing of his wife Jan in 2017 after a car accident: “Two years ago this month I lost my wife in a car accident, about 30 seconds from our garage in Norman … there’s no grieving manual that I’ve ever read, or been recommended to, that tells you how to get through this stuff. All I know is you’ve gotta keep getting up, and you’ve gotta keep taking steps forward.”

On his current relationship with WWE: “I had no issues, I wasn’t mad at anybody — there’s no major controversy here. I believe WWE in general, as most television producers do, want to get younger. I’ve been around since the mid-70s doing this job that I truly love doing. When I was unable to get booked, to be utilized, I had to look for Plan B, and Plan B was, ‘let’s step away gracefully.’ Vince McMahon and his family have been amazing to my family.”

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