Jim Ross Reveals Whether he Heard of Mick Foley’s Plan to Go Off The Top of Hell in a Cell


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently commented on the infamous Mick Foley vs. The Undertaker Hell in a Cell match during the latest edition of “Grilling JR”. You can check out audio from the interview below.

When he was asked about whether he knew about the plan for Foley to be thrown off the top of the cage ahead of time, he said,

“I thought it was just an absurd rumor and locker room talk. Cause it was unbelievable that someone would even consider doing something like that. It was unprecedented. There was no way to do it safely. There was no way to execute that maneuver and do it safely. Now somebody, some smart**s out there listening might say, ‘Well, they could have had a, could have broken his fall with some kind of padding, or whatever.’ Yeah, a lot of things could have. He could have been in a harness or something too, I don’t know. It’s silly.

You’d never want to put the talent in a position where, it’s not simply a fact of there being no margin for error. There’s gonna be error! You can’t do this and not hurt somebody. And the other issue is that we already had Austin with a bad elbow, bad wheels, neck. We got Taker with bone spurs, his foot’s all problematic. God dang, man, we didn’t need to lose anymore people. So I heard the idea casually-discussed along these lines. ‘Hey JR, did you hear what Mick’s latest idea is?’ I said, ‘I’m afraid to ask.’ ‘Well, he’s thinking about doing something on top of the cage.’ So I didn’t know how that was going to end or whatever, I just thought, ‘Well…’ I tried to figure out in my mind, how could he do that and not kill himself? Or at least be hurt, and be off of work for a while? And maybe for a long while. So I just blew it off. I didn’t think anymore about it, I thought it was that absurd, it’s not gonna ever happen. So, when it happened, I almost took a dump in my tuxedo.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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