Jim Ross Reveals Why He Believes Lex Luger Isn’t In The WWE Hall Of Fame


During the latest edition of his “Grilling JR” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross commented on Lex Luger not being in the WWE Hall of Fame, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On why he thinks Luger isn’t in the WWE Hall of Fame: “It’s some of those things we talked about. The embarrassment that he put on the company. I believe he will be. I believe Lex Luger will be in the WWE Hall of Fame. I think it’ll be a popular decision when it occurs because he’ll be allowed his two or three minutes he’s allocated, which we talked about before is ridiculous. Don’t induct so damn many people. Have a manageable number of people, so they have the appropriate time to tell their story. He’s got a hell of a story to tell. So, I believe Lex will be in the WWE Hall of Fame at some point in time. I think cooler heads will prevail, and he’ll be inducted. But I think it was the burning of the bridges and how he conducted himself on his exit contributed to him [not being in]. If you want a story – if they want to tell stories and a visual – here’s a guy that could be rolled onto the stage to tell his story. He’s in a wheelchair. If you’re looking for a story, this could be a great story and a story of success because Lex found true happiness in his faith. I think he’ll be in, and I think it’ll be a great induction. Some old wounds just don’t heal as quickly as others…..I just think there are a lot of reasons you would do it.”


On Luger’s legacy in wrestling: “It’s an interesting question, and there’s a lot of right answers probably. I equate it to football player at Oklahoma named Marcus Dupree – arguably the greatest high school running back in history. He got with the wrong people and got influenced to transfer and all this other shit. They did an [ESPN] 30 for 30 on him called [The Best That Never Was], and I think that’s where we are here with Luger. I kind of get that feel with Lex. He had everything. The look, size, demeanor, athletic ability, and all those things. But it never happened. There were a lot of errors in booking with Luger. You’d get him right to the altar and then the wedding was off, more than once. He got left standing at the altar many, many times. I think that affected the fans’ confidence in him, and I think some fans are smart enough to know that there was something wrong here. So, I think that’s what I would say his legacy is. The greatest that never was.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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