Jim Ross Says His Autobiography Will Be Truthful


Jim Ross has updated his Q&A section of his website. Check out the highlights:

On his autobiography: “My book will be truthful. I don’t know who will publish it. Will it be salacious and tawdry? No.”

On his defining moment in wrestling: “I’m still looking to achieve a ‘defining ‘moment.’ When one looks back for too long, one takes their eye off the future.”

On if he voiced over matches for the Legends Of Mid-South Wrestling DVD: “Yes…I voiced over many of the matches the Tuesday after WM29.”

On if he’ll ever provide feedback on TNA and ROH in his blogs: “Sure…if I watch them regularly. ”

On if there’s a difference in running WrestleMania in football or baseball stadiums: “Football stadiums are more compatible. For WrestleMania the weather also has to be considered. WWE got lucky in New Jersey.”

On if JBL puts over Undertaker because he helped him when he was champion on SmackDown: “I’d say it has zero to do w/ the outcome of any match. Taker is one of the most respected men in the biz. Respect is earned.”

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