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Jim Ross Speaks On Dash Wilder’s Injury, Success Of WWE Draft, Braun Strowman, More


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross discussed various topics on the latest edition of his podcast, The Ross Report. Here are the highlights.

On Dash Wilder breaking his jaw:

“Wilder has a fractured jaw and will be out a couple of months. Here’s how I perceive this: Dash Wilder and his partner, in times of somewhat rehabilitation, let’s say, they are going to come back better than they left because they are going to study and put the mental pieces back together, take it apart and put it back together. I feel badly that Wilder is hurt, but I believe he will come back a more viable talent than ever before he left because he has two months to study his game and heal the rest of his body, which isn’t a bad thing.”

On the challenges of Braun Strowman being a heel:

“I wonder sometimes, just asking out loud here, is Strowman such a strong character that there will be a pocket of fans that live through that vicariously as a big monster, therefore it might be challenging him to be that traditional big heel that we have been used to seeing over the years. Is that a bad thing? I’m just talking out loud here with my talking points, but I like Strowman, but I just think it might be challenging with the way he is working, and his look, with his destructive mission, which might be challenging for him to be this monstrous villain because what is there really to hate?  Especially working with Roman Reigns, who is controversial as well, so Braun Strowman beating up Roman Reigns does not make him a heel, so it’s going to be challenging. I believe both guys are going to be big stars, which is what you want, for them to be big stars.”

On the success of the Brand Split:

“I give the brand-split a good solid B+ because it is providing more opportunities to further refine that has been happening over the past couple of weeks. It is imperative that these companies continue to grow and build up each roster to give the creative folks at SmackDown and Raw to utilize these talents and it is even more important for these talents to bring something a little extra. I’ve said it before and I believe there are different ways to do this, but if you are a pro wrestler ad you are not doing something daily to better yourself then you are cheating yourself and your family and the company you are working for and are damn sure cheating the fans. What you eat for breakfast is making yourself better theoretically. Watching the WWE Network, going and watching a YouTube video, studying things, reading books, there are things you can do where you are not killing yourself physically and are becoming better daily, so I think the brand split is successful and I think it is going to continue to become successful. When guys break through and become hotter than hell on Raw and SmackDown then I think we will all be in agreement, that is when it will truly be verified and validated, so good for them.”

You can listen to the podcast here.

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