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Jim Ross Talks Baron Corbin Facing Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 35, WWE’s Booking of Sting


WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently took to his podcast, “The Ross Report,” to give his thoughts on several professional wrestling topics. Ross discussed Seth Rollins losing to Drew McIntyre off a distraction from Brock Lesnar on Monday Night RAW two weeks ago, Baron Corbin facing Kurt Angle at WrestleMania, and WWE’s booking of Sting when he was an active competitor. Here are the highlights:

Rollins losing to McIntyre on RAW off a distraction from Lesnar: “I didn’t think that the way RAW went off the air, where again a music interruption causes the decision of a match to be determined,” Ross said. “It happens over and over and over again. Interrupt, distraction, screwjob. I have a big problem with trying to protect everybody. It’s not a game of protection. It’s a game of execution.

“If you can execute well, and you’re given the tools to execute well, there is absolutely no reason that a loss over a talent that is already ‘over’ is going to significantly damage the persona of that individual. Seth Rollins is made to look silly. His best side was not on display there. Seth is a magnificent athlete. We all can see that. And his match with [Brock] Lesnar at WrestleMania no doubt can be a classic.

“But you can’t make your babyfaces, your fan favorites, your heroes, your protagonist look dumb and get them to the top of the mountain! Can you imagine [Steve] Austin or The Rock falling for that music interrupt piece of business? No, because it wouldn’t happen.”

Corbin facing Angle at WrestleMania: “Hey, I want to tell you I have no issues with Baron Corbin,” Ross said. “I think he has got a lot of potential. I think he has a significant and visible upside. He’s just not there yet. That’s not a knock, but the issue that I said on Twitter, @JRsBBQ, that I was underwhelmed with the choice of opponents for Kurt Angle’s retirement match had nothing to do with ability, the work ethic, the passion of performing of Baron Corbin.

“Nothing! Not even the same time zone. It has everything to do with how you honor Kurt Angle going out. Everything that can be done from positioning on the card, who’s following who, who’s following what, how you look at a match, the outcome of a match, and the opponent of the match. It’s all a part of the presentation and I thought WWE might have done a better job of selecting somebody else and they still might! Who knows? Hell, I don’t know. That’s not an unfathomable idea.

“But let’s say it’s going to be Corbin and Kurt. Do everything you can to make it special, but it could have been made more special if it was somebody that was more tenured and was perceived by the audience as more ‘over’. I just think Angle deserves everything that he can be provided to make his retirement match meaningful and memorable. He deserves that. I don’t know if you can get there with Kurt Angle versus Baron Corbin.”

WWE’s booking of Sting: “Well, he would not have lost at WrestleMania. I didn’t understand [it]. It helped nobody. It wasn’t a feel good moment. Handshake or no handshake, it was poor strategy, poor booking, in my opinion. And if it got over like a million bucks, I would’ve said, ‘well, they’ve got it! They were right and I was wrong’. I just don’t believe that is the case this time. He needed to get some wins.” Ross said. “People wanted to see Sting win in a WWE and why Sting was not allowed to win in a WWE ring is unfathomable.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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