Jim Ross Talks Working For NJPW & WWE Simultaneously & If He Changes His Style For Each Promotion


Legendary commentator, Jim Ross, who will be on the call for NJPW’s G1 Special in Long Beach, CA on July 1st, partook in a conference call where he was asked if he uses different styles of commentating while working for both WWE & NJPW.

Here’s what JR had to say:


Does JR Change His Style:

“Not at all, you broadcast what you see, in your style. By and large, that’s how I work, it’s especially how I work now. It’s just natural instincts and both companies have been very, very good about allowing me to express myself and to interpret the matches to the very, very best of my ability.”

Is There A Difference In Calling The Action In Both Promotions:

“There’s no difference, the product is sometimes different; It’s almost like calling football, it’s still the game, it’s still wrestling. So for me, I watch a wrestling match on my monitor or if I’m live in an arena, which makes it 10 times better; I watch what the cameramen provide me and I describe it accordingly with how I feel, with how the story is progressing and the execution of the talents. All the while you want to put the talents over as best you can and sometimes it’s best not to say anything and let the crowd provide the lyrics.”

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