Jim Ross & The Big Show Tweet On Last Night’s RAW


— The Big Show posted the following on Twitter, following last night’s debate on RAW…

“@WWESheamus. I’m glad you and @BookerT5x had your laughs tonight. Both of you are in over your head. You want a fight? You will get one. That debate was a complete scam to make me look foolish. @WWESheamus @BookerT5x I hope you two enjoyed the laugh. H I C #new champ big show”

— Jim Ross tweeted the following after RAW and the Jim Ross Appreciation Night that took place. He wrote:

“The post Raw celebration truly exceeded my wildest expectations! Dan Hodge, Bill Watts live & videos from @JerryLawler & Bob Stoops! #WWE Vince McMahon & HHH’s words were priceless & touching. I’m such a lucky, blessed man. Words cannot express my gratitude. Thanks #WWE & fans!”

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