Jim Ross Writes A Blog Discussing His Official Departure From World Wrestling Entertainment


Jim Ross has posted a new blog on his official
speaking about his departure from WWE and the
incident at SummerSlam 2013 that started it. He wrote:

All my legal commitments to WWE ended Wednesday night at
midnight which concluded a 21 year tenure with the company. Coming to WWE in
1993 was the best business decision I ever made even though I really loved
living in Atlanta. Great city…great food…many friends…fun, sports town.

Arriving in WWE in 1993 and officially ending my tenure there this
week made it 21 years working for Vince McMahon which not too many individuals
can say that they did especially on the management level that I was in the
majority of the time. We worked through drastic, financial issues, a federal
trial, bankruptcy was discussed more than once, but we all pulled together and
put our personal lives on hold, got lucky on hiring some amazing talents and
then launched the Attitude Era that created the greatest success WWE ever

It was always a team effort and we had some very talented people
working tirelessly to make WWE a more viable brand and to establish their place
as firmly the #1 sports entertainment company in the world.

I have no regrets and am thankful for the opportunities that were
presented me. I wouldn’t have done a thing differently but I’d have preferred to
not have had three Bells palsy attacks but that’s the hand I was dealt. I’ve
always tried to man up and navigate through those challenging waters. Obviously,
my ‘look’ after the Bells attacks did me no favors as a TV broadcaster and some
folks even had fun imitating me but that’s something that they have to live with
and not me.

My departure from WWE over the Summer Slam symposium in 2014 was a
fiasco of misinformation and rumors allegedly spread by some perhaps with
dubious character, agendas and with an overall lack of information. My side of
the story will be told thoroughly some day to the chagrin of some and, yes,
there are two sides to every story. But that was then….today is a better day
with great things on the horizon.

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