Jim Ross Writes A Blog On Sting And WWE, Roman Reigns And John Cena, Monday’s RAW & More


Here are some highlights from a new blog by WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross:

On WWE’s depth issues: “WWE’s depth issues are
easily identified when so many top, top stars are seen on the show in front of
the live audience multiple times. We live in unique times as it relates to being
not only a wrestling fan but a talent as well. Never in my recollection has the
landscape been more conducive for someone to break though and soar to the top of
a card than now. That speaks to the overall depth issues within the business in
general. Secondly, it’s never been more challenging to be in the biz as there
are simply too few places that one can work full time and earn a good living.
It’s the old, double edge sword conundrum as in damn if you do and damn if you

On the dynamic between John Cena and Roman Reigns on
“I enjoyed the Cena-Reigns dynamic throughout the broadcast
as both men walked a fine line but one can easily see that a personal issue
could develop between the two quite easily although I somewhat doubt that it
would be a long term one considering that WWE needs both men to be fan
favorites. Nonetheless they have noticeable chemistry together which interests

On Dean Ambrose:Dean Ambrose took a fine,
restaurant quality ass whipping early in the show. Heroes who don’t quit and
show no fear while selling thoroughly usually get themselves over. Ambrose

On CM Punk commercials during RAW: “The CM Punk
promotional material for the WWE Network is a good way to create interest and
sell subscriptions for the Network and I don’t think it means any thing more
than that which is merely my speculation and not based on any ‘inside’

On the Sting/WWE 2K15 commercial: “Great video done
by 2K Sports to promote @Sting as a player on their upcoming, WWE video game.
Sting will be available if one pre orders the game as I understand it. Does this
mean that Sting will be wrestling in WWE? It’s not a lock whatsoever and I’d
suggest it is a long shot but things can always change. I’d love to see Sting
have a WrestleMania moment in his career but I’ll admit that I’m biased.

“Sting will be a guest on my podcast on July 29 of which we’ve already taped
and it’s a great conversation.”

You can read the full blog at JRsBarBQ.com.

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