Jim Ross: WWE May Shake Things Up At No Way Out


In his latest blog post at JRSBARBQ.com, Jim Ross said that “for some reason, nothing specific but just a feeling,” WWE will “really shake things up” at the No Way Out PPV on Sunday. He specifically mentioned the John Cena vs Big Show main event.

He also previewed the other matches and talked about the State of WWE Developmental following this week’s NXT TV tapings. He said that the developmental wrestlers and WWE lower-card wrestlers seem more relaxed and ready to perform on NXT than at WWE live events.

About Jinder Mahal, he added: “It seemed that Mahal was a different talent in Orlando than I have seen him at times on WWE TV. Mahal has a marketable upside in my view and NXT might give him the platform to better develop his in ring efforts.”

In general, he said: “Might just be me but it feels as if some talents are more relaxed at the NXT tapings than some appear to be at other WWE events and as a result they performed at a higher level for the most part.”

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