Jimmy Jacobs Comments On CM Punk Potentially Returning To WWE


Jimmy Jacobs recently spoke with 411Mania about CM Punk and Punk’s current status with WWE. Jacobs has had a relationship with Punk since the early 2000s and has also worked in WWE in creative.

Here are the highlights of the interview.


Jimmy Jacobs On His Relationship With CM Punk:

“I mean, Punk helped get me my job in Ring of Honor. I’ve known Punk since I was 16 years old. We were never like, friends. Friendly, you know, I went to his place after he won at Money in the Bank, him and Cena in Chicago when he puts the title in the refrigerator. I was at his house then. So we’re friendly, we haven’t spoken to in — it’s been a few years. I texted him a little bit not too long ago.”

Jimmy Jacobs On Punk Potentially Returning to WWE:

“It’s only never until it happens. And that’s just how it is. You know, he put a lot of time in WWE, left obviously very damaged, damaged a lot of ways he felt about wrestling and WWE. But you know, if the day comes when he wants to come back, he’ll come back. Because you know, he’ll get a huge reaction, make a ton of money. Look, it’s not fun working there sometimes, but it is fun and doing it’s fun, and wrestling is fun. It’s just like, if he wants to play, he’ll play.”

Jimmy Jacobs On Punk Reportedly Cutting Ties With People After WWE Exit:

“It wouldn’t surprise me, I mean, he left on a Monday because he was done with it, right? And being there, I could see it. He was hitting his head up against a brick wall for so long and [was] like, ‘You know what? I’m out, that’s it, I’m good. Been on the road for the last 15 years, and I work for a crazy man, and I’m just done. It’s done.’ Of course I can see how that would happen.”

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